Sunday, December 4, 2011

keralites' life less important than a porn star's entry into a reality show

The media was on high spirit regarding the entry of a porn star into a reality show. Down south of India nearly 3 million people are living life in a fear.To all who are not aware of the situation let me explain  Mullaperiyar issue. Mullaperiyar Dam is on verge of collapse. If collapsed it will wipe off central kerala. To all those who are planing  to enjoy holidays in God's own country , be aware of the fact that Alapuzha, Kumarakam, Ernakulam will be wiped off.
Coming to the topic, the national media celebrated the porn star, kolaveri, pawar slap. They showed it in top headlines. The life of 35 million was an inside story. Or they are scared of Tamilians!!


Monday, July 4, 2011

After a long gap...

Its almost more than one year since I last blogged... the loneliness in the garden city may be the reason now to blog again..loneliness in garden city!!!! many may be surprised to hear someone saying this in bangalore..
Life has become mechanical when there are no girl friends and roommates...Before that I was in bangalore rural where I was not feeling lonely...may be there my office was very near to my house and friends were der..
Lets drop the topic here .. i felt like blogging so put up a personal blog to start with..

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Malayalam Media... still immature

I have been seeing the visuals and images of the deceased and murdered in Malayalam TV channels and newspapers. A month after 26/11, various government agencies and media organizations issued guidelines to print and visual media about the reporting in the cases of accidents and calamities. The media here in Kerala seems unaware of such guidelines. At the national level, the guidelines were followed by the print and TV media. ,especially English News channels. For mentally weak persons, its really disturbing to see the visuals of dead. In fact even normal people feel sentimental when they see those visuals. Last month a bus drowned in a river in Kottayam. The media here in Kerala celebrated the mishap by giving running commentaries on death toll. The visuals of dead bodies in front of the mortuary, the drowned bodies at the accident site were all shown blatantly. Every accident give way to discussions. The accidents happen again and again, still they discuss the same.

Another instance is the follow up done by the media. All Malayalam channels have a crime programme. In all these programmes they recreate the crime scene. Besides, they show the dead person. Worse is the case when it is murder and there is blood spill. Is it the result of intrusion of corporate people in media. Are they cashing the sentiments of people.Its high time for the media in Kerala to introspect. I hope they will do the needful.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mulayam's view on Women's Reservation

Last Sunday on the magazine section of The Hindu newspaper, there was a column by Kalpana Sharma( I hope I remember her name correctly) on Women's bill. She wrote about the view of Mulayam Singh Yadav on the bill. Mulayam thinks that giving representation for women will result in the under-representation of men. His finding is that, women who are elected by reservation may be unwilling to give upon the seat to others particularly men, when it is de-reserved. His viewpoint may be logical, but I don't think it as possible considering the male chauvinism in Indian politics. The case of women candidates unwilling to give up the seat will happen only in the case of those women who have a pan India appeal or at least pan state.Those women should strengthen women empowerment by contesting against a male candidate. If there is a possibility(I don't think that) of over-representation after two- three decades, then we should remove the reservation. But after all it is India, we had implemented SC ST reservation for two decades but still the reservation had not achieved its aim of the uplift of the downtrodden.

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Friday, March 19, 2010

CPM leadership disapproves BIG B for Kerala Tourism

The CPI(M) leader Sitaram Yechuri voiced his disapproval for inviting Big B as the ambassador of Kerala Tourism. The disapproval was due to Amitabh Bachan's cooperation with Gujarat government for the promotion of Gujarat tourism. The Gujarat state was in news for the pogrom against minorities in 2002. The current government was also the incumbent at that time. The government was criticized for its delinquency to act against rioters. The Chief Minister Narendra Modi even faced the wrath of Supreme Court. All the secular parties,including CPI(M) had severely criticized the state government for joining sides with the rioters. The leadership have taken this step to avoid antagonizing muslims as the state elections are nearby.

But the disapproval didn't find any excuse. Big B was promoting the brand Gujarat not the actions of Gujarat government. Gujarat is a state with rich heritage. It needed a icon like Bachan for the promotion. The current action of CPI(M) was uncalled-for. Bachan is not responsible for actions of Gujarat government. The artists, particularly Bollywood icons have global appeal which may benefit the Kerala Tourism department. In the past the tourism department had tried to rope in Jackie Chan for the promotion of Kerala Tourism. Big B was thrilled to support the Kerala Tourism. All the bonhomie had gone by a single comment of Yechuri. Once again the ideological stand of the red party had affected poor Keralites.